Native advertising


Native was one of the buzz words of 2014, so in today’s post I will show you the most common types & examples. There isn’t an official definition of native ads, put simply it is paid content that are so cohesive with the page content and consistent with the platform behaviour that the viewer simply feels that they belong. However, it is key that the consumer should be able to distinguish between what is paid for advertising and what is publisher editorial content.

The IAB identified 6 categories of native ad types are the following:

In-Feed Units –  are ads that are in the publisher’s normal content feed with a usually brand metric focus


Paid Search Units – are ads above the organic search results with a DR purpose

paid search

Recommendation Widgets – as opposed to In-Feed Units these do not mimic the appearance of the editorial content feed


Promoted Listings – appear on sites that typically do not have a traditional editorial content, they are designed to fit seamlessly into the browsing experience; measured on DR metrics


IAB Standard with Native Element Units – as the name says are placed outside of the normal content feed but contain contextually relevant content within the ad


Custom Units – there are other types of ad units that don’t fit into one of the above groups, they can take many forms but in all instances will be custom to a specific site




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