Facebook joins the short live video streaming competition

Hi all,

Today I will look at an emerging trend in the form of short form live videos. The actuality of this topic couldn’t be more obvious with Facebook joining the likes of Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope. The main difference between these products is the longevity of the content, Meerkat thinks that it is in this moment or miss out, Periscope thinks it is 24 hours and Facebook converts them into content.


Facebook – as it is used to – is rolling out its new Live feature in stages, first to celebrities. This move makes sense, because it allows Facebook to fine tune the product and to help consumers get used to it by seeing how celebrities do it. Celebrities, who make a living out of being in the public eye are also easy to convince to use it. It is expected that this will be gradually rolled out to the public and from the US to the other countries.

I expect brands to leverage this new form of content, especially in the beginning with its novelty factor it will bring high engagement rates and a general buzz. In terms of content I think that it will be similar to other social media, anything that is cute, funny, or actual will be a hit.

What do you think, what will be the new ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’?


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